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Capabilities Overview
Optimizing both quality and costs is an Agora hallmark, made possible through our ability to provide in-house management for the assets we build, along with the leasing, value engineering, construction services and financing we secure for each of our projects. From acquisition to labor, feasibility studies to property management, we do it all in-house. Our on-the-job experience enables us to understand how a project is best put together, and bring projects in on time and on budget. The aggregate of this blend and breadth of services—combined with our team’s diverse experience—is what enables our investors and lenders to confidently entrust us with property development, ownership and management. From concept to completion.

Our capabilities include:

  • Pre-bid Estimating
    More than two decades in business and the extensive experience of our team allows us to tap into our historical costs to estimate future projects. We perform the coordination and purchasing, and use the latest industry software for processing—facilitating a reliable estimate, rather than using a third party. Our contractor team handles it all.

  • Value Engineering
    Throughout every project, we work consistently with both the architect and the contractor to achieve the most cost-efficient project without sacrificing quality. We’re hands-on and agile, an approach that enables us to quickly find a solution if a particular process is coming in too high.

  • Cost Accounting
    We use Timberline Software, which is building-industry-specific, providing ongoing and detailed cost analysis throughout the life of the  project. In addition, weekly reporting helps ensure every contract is administrated per our agreements.

  • Architectural Design Services
    In-house expertise and long-standing relationships with the architectural community allow us to create cost-effective designs and manage costs, without sacrificing integrity.

  • Construction Management
    Combined, our staff of managers and subcontractors have logged decades of experience in construction—including cost, quality, scheduling, value engineering and troubleshooting.

  • Leasing
    As with everything else at Agora, we go with the best option for the individual project. We have experienced in-house staff to handle leasing; depending on the market and projects, we may also rely on outside leasing agents to market our projects.

  • Property Finance Strategy
    The key to a successful project is how the financing of a project is structured to meet the specific investment objectives. We have strong in-house experience in selecting the best credit facilities available and the most competitive rates, leveraging our financial wherewithal and industry resumes. We also work closely with the mortgage banking community. And we take advantage of long-term relationships with investors and lenders to determine the most advantageous financial vehicles available for the project.

  • Property Management
    In addition to software specifically designed for the commercial real estate industry, our experienced property managers and accounting staff manage all properties. We may also partner with local property management companies outside of California with which we have long-standing relationships.

  • Site Selection/Feasibility Studies
    Property opportunities are always evaluated in-house, where our experts make purchase decisions on a range of factors and determine the property’s best use through feasibility studies to assess the highest and best use of a property and how to add value to the property, taking into account, demand, supply zoning and community desires. We also utilize Argus Financial software to accurately project yields for equity and debt underwriting..
  • Entitlement Processing
    We leverage our relationships with city planners, zoning administrators and local land use attorneys to achieve approvals, while working with the community and municipalities to bring everyone together.

  • Licenses
    Agora Realty & Management, Inc. currently holds:
      • Class B General Contractor License, License #589584
      • State of California Department of Real Estate Broker’s License, Identification #01131686