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Agora’s eclectic portfolio of real estate holdings and projects is emblematic of our diverse experience comprising single- and multi-family residential, multi-tenant industrial, neighborhood shopping centers, student housing, residential condominium and mixed use developments. Beyond our experience lies a deep commitment ensuring each of our properties makes a positive impact by creating value for our clients and partners, as well as for the residents, tenants, consumers and the community where it is located. This is achieved through developments that are progressive, innovative, sensitive and creative in order to reflect the individual needs and character of each.

We believe in bringing new ideas to every project, whether it’s giving renewed purpose to a faltering property or creat ing a multi-family residential building that fulfills an unmet community need. Like Plaza Del Valle, in Panorama City, California, where we invested more than $20 million to transform a neglected assortment of aging commercial buildings with few shopping alternatives to a thriving Latino-themed, family oriented community plaza with open vendor areas and small shops, where neighbors can gather and enjoy the benefits of discount prices on quality merchandise. Equally rewarding, the Piilani Gardens Apartments in Maui, Hawaii, presented an opportunity to provide rental housing in a market where the high cost of land and building costs had left few rental options for local residents living and working on the island. Additionally, we worked with the mayor and city council officials to provide the 200-unit building with unique amenities —including day care and self-storage—not typically found in residential rental projects.