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Having cut our teeth on the service end of the business, we understand the value of nurturing and maintaining solid professional, public and private partnerships. We have numerous long-term relationships with the brokerage community, architects, engineers and contractors, as well as with major financial institutions. Public and private equity, as well as institutional investors are also counted as long-standing partners, as are multiple insurance companies, enabling us to optimize premiums for each of our properties.

Agora also works closely with governmental agencies including the offices of senators, assemblymen, mayors, planning departments and city councils. Similarly we seek to involve communities, encouraging input via public focus groups and town hall meetings to ensure participation and, ultimately, satisfaction by giving all parties concerned the opportunity to have a say in new developments in their neighborhoods.

This unerring focus on loyal, straightforward and mutually rewarding relationships enables Agora to satisfy the needs of all parties, from community members and local government, to end users and investors.